Workshop & Training on
Exhibitions MANAGEMENT

Oct. 12, 2018


The importance of holding this workshop is due to the development of the industry of exhibitions in the region and specifically in the Arab countries. However, in spite of the effects of the world troubles and insecurities, the exhibition industry has witnessed a great progress in most countries creating a big opportunity in the market which helps in alleviating the financial problems. This is due to its effect on the market of big companies and institutions.
This business has become more dependent on the quality and type of this service through its distinguished role of highlighting the image of the institution running the activity through showcasing its major role in being unique in what it offers. This new trend of business in the Middle East will have its major role in advancing the economic trend/movement through creating new job opportunities and opening windows on the latest developments in the financial, economic, cultural and trade sectors.
Nowadays, exhibitions, tradeshows, or expos should be much more than a ‘talking shop’. It’s a critical time in the development of key employees, a moment when significant conversations can take place and opportunities realized, it’s an opportunity to inspire and motivate and to present your vision and impress with a heightened sense of pride of your organization.

:Main Tracks

– Importane of the exhibition industry in the age of businesses.
– Basic requirements to organize quality exhibitions.
– Exhibition planning and organization.
– Choosing and narrowing down topics and goals of exhibitions.
– Developing and administering logistics and services.
– Budgeting and controlling expenses of exhibitions preparations.
– Choosing the right team work with detailed job description.
– Managing crowds professionally for all types of exhibitions.
– Allocating different committees/offices to handle all the details of the exhibition.
– Deciding on the patronage of the exhibition.
– Choosing prominent speakers, figures, and artists.
– Scheduling exhibitions in relation to its topic.
– Considering technology and Internet in organizing exhibitions.
– Choosing venue and time of the exhibition.
– Promoting strategies to market exhibition.
– Handling risk management, emergencies and difficulties in running exhibitions.
– Highlighting the role of public relations in exhibition organization.
– Dealing with media.
– Focusing on the role of effective feedback and evaluation forms.
– Showcasing success stories in exhibition organization .

Major Goals and Objectives

1. Shed the light on the latest techniques in planning and organizing different exhibitin genres to secure its success and achieve its goals.
2. Provide basic requirements of organizing exhibitions.
3. Exchange experience and learn from success stories.
4. Train participants on sharpening skills to execute exhibitions through all stages of preparations.
5. Show the importance of high technology in organizing exhibitions.
6. Share with attendees the latest technology and successful techniques in managing time in dealing with different types of businesses.
7. Focus on the importance of choosing the right staff, organizing its committees, marketing and executing exhibitions, and dealing with emergencies and crowd management.
8. Discuss with attendees required logistics to prepare for a successful exhibition.
9. Highlight the crucial role of evaluation/ feedback forms for improvement of weak points and maintaining good ones.

Who Should Attend:

– PR personnel in ministries, public institutions, diplomatic offices, UN, and NGO’s in the Arab region
– University academics in national and foreign universities in public and private universities
– Local and international exhibition companies in the Middle East.
– Exhibition organizers and or personnel.
– Development departments in Banks and similar businesses.
– Companies of exhibtion stationeries equipment and other accessories.
– Hotels airlines, and conference hall managers & PR’s.

Training Fees

 $300 USD per a member of the Arab Union of International Exhibitions and Conferences.
 $350 USD per a non-member of the Arab Union of International Exhibitions and Conferences.
 One FREE ATTENDEE for every Five attendees from the same company/office
Attendance fees cover the following benefits:
– Participation in the workshop
– Workshop material/folder/stationeries
– Certificate of attendance
– Three lunches, Coffee and refreshment breaks
– Reduced prices at recommended hotels.
N.B. The organizing committee doesn’t cover travel and lodging expenses for any attendee.
Workshop Language/s
Both Arabic and English are the accredited languages of the workshop due to business needs.
Attendees should have at least a medium level of English